Shine A Light: Jazzzzzz

When I was 19, I worked in a record store. Working there offered me a musical education I might not have ever had anywhere else. I hope that I have passed a deep, rich palate down to my children. I’m not a musician, and I would never pretend to understand the complexities of true Jazz, but I know how it makes me feel, and I like it ! I think in many ways it makes me feel smarter and more sophisticated than I will ever be !

Now anyone that knows me, knows I’m a lyric guy. I love words and stories. I love Tom T Hall and Levon Helm. But there are times, when I need something different, something without words. Sometimes it’s Hawaiian music. Sometimes classical. Sometimes Jazz.

Sometimes it’s smooth, what friend used to call “belly rubbin” jazz. Sometimes it’s that way beyond me kind of crazy stuff like Miles Davis.

I hope I never become a Jazz snob, and if I show any signs, I think I have friends true enough to set me straight. I just love music, straight and true from the heart.

Thanks to all you players out there from Monk to James Taylor. Bach to Willie. All these cats are awesome ( yes when I’m writing the blog about jazz I get to use the word CATS ! Go get ya some, and turn me on to anything I might dig !!!!!


One thought on “Shine A Light: Jazzzzzz

  1. My highschool friend, Melody, played me a Spyro Gyra album in the 10th grade and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s my favorite genre! Give me some Dave Grusin, Larry Carlton, Fourplay, Manhattan Transfer, Joe Sample or Diana Krall and I’m set. Randy says I’m close minded against other types of music, but I’m not. I appreciate other types of music if it’s good, but I prefer to listen to jazz.

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