Working For A Living

Is it simply just too idealistic to dream of a great workplace, where businesses credos and mission statements are really how it is on the inside?

So how many people do you know that would say they love their job? I don’t know too many and I wonder if “work” is supposed to supply us with that void of happiness. Maybe I’m too much of a dreamer to not keep dreaming that one day it will happen for me.

It’s not to say there aren’t unpleasant parts of every job. Areas that present great difficulty, but on the whole, aren’t most of us looking for some deeper meaning and satisfaction in the place that we spend a huge portion of our lives in? I don’t believe that you have to work on curing cancer to feel fulfillment in your work. I think one could find deep meaning in a host of jobs that most wouldn’t think there could be any depth.

How do we even approach our careers? Is the beginning where the problem begins? Are we first attracted to the money or prestige of a job. To me that’s not a path of meaning and fulfillment.

I have no answers here, sorry. I’m just as tangled as anyone else that’s frustrated, and mine isn’t nearly as bad as many I know. Maybe no matter what we do we will get to the end of our days and wonder what difference any of it made. Maybe we have too many choices these days to find contentment anywhere.

Are any of you out there in this crazy world doing what you thought you’d be doing? If you are and it brings you a smile, then my hats off to you. I have a wonderfully rich home life and that sure helps balance the work end of things. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on this.


One thought on “Working For A Living

  1. The first book of “our book” says that man shall work by the sweat of his brow. Why couldn’t it say by the smile on his face! Fulfillment and contentment are most elusive, perhaps even more so in vocation. Maybe the satisfaction comes from the thing we control; the interaction with other people. As I sit here on my porch this morning I hear the sound of a lawn service weeding a neighbors yard. Satisfaction-interaction-my tasks to make money to care for those I love today aren’t so bad.

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