Fathers Day

The older I get the heavier that word “Father” gets. It’s deep and wonderful, and a sometimes painful role that goes both ways, being a father as well as a son.

Every generation tries to hand their children a better deal. To somehow fill in the places in their spirit that you felt were missing in yours. Perhaps we all go through that stage of “well, I’m not gonna do it like my daddy did”. That kind of stuff you know. And somehow you think you are going to do everything right ! That’s pretty funny right off the bat.

And while doing all of those thoughts are courageous and I believe in them, I think we learn a little humility about fathering as we go along the way. We learn that most fathers are just doing the best they know how to do with the tools they were given. And that goes back generation after generation after generation. And I’ve surely learned that I was not always easy to teach nor easy to reach ! That maybe right choices were made, but I still went the wrong way. My father taught me a large quiet, non spoken lesson in that he didn’t own me, and allowed me a road, my own road to go and my own light to find. He was always there for the questions but never pushing.

I am a different father than mine is, and he is different than his father was. My children will become different fathers than I, trying to smooth out the rough edges for their children that I left in them. Nobody is perfect and they know I’m not, but they also know they have my heart and I am always on the wind that blows through their lives.

I hope all of us fathers will remember on this day how wonderful this journey of fatherhood is. Give a call if you can and receive a call with the wonderful gratitude of the ones you gave life.

I wish you all a deep, wonderful fathers day from the hills of Tennessee to wherever you are…..


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