What Makes You Happy ?

If you are a little older or even if you aren’t , take a moment to remember the things through your life that have made you happy. Different stages, different things, right? I remember when a new Matchbox car could keep me smiling for days. The years wore on and the toys changed. Bikes, surfboards, cars, computers, you name it !

Through all of that stuff, I also remember the feeling of a safe home. Clean sheets that somehow deep in my spirit reminded me that my Mother loved me. Walking in the door and smelling supper being cooked. A smiling wife. Children that hug you and say they love you.

Is it that human cycle of acquiring and then letting go? Is there some mark of maturity there? Maybe it just takes a while for the “shine of things” to wear off. Realizing in your younger years if you are finding truth, that it ain’t, it’s never been stuff that really makes us happy. In a recent CNN poll they found the happiest folks in Denmark, living simpler lives.

I’m not against stuff. I’m really not, I have a good bit of it. There are things I covet for sure, but it’s sure hard to ignore that there are alot of folks with “all the stuff” who are miserable, and folks with little that are happy. Maybe it’s what we attach to the stuff. As long as you know it’s not the source of happiness then maybe you can have as much as you want and be fine. I do think it that’s not really in the human condition, cause we always want more and more. Do we expect too much or are we expecting the wrong things to make us happy?

I find a good cup of coffee and petting my dogs as God wakes up the world,  among my happier moments. Kissing my wife. Watching my kids laugh. That’s just enough for me. So what makes you happy, I’d like to know. If it’s a new BMW then say so, maybe I’m missing something. In the words of the 70’s spiritual prophet, David Cassidy, “Come On Get Happy”. We’re all sure trying !!!


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