Shine A Light: The Oak Ridge Boys

Country fan or not, I don’t know how someone could have been alive in the early 1980’s and no have heard of the Oak Ridge Boys. It seems like they were everywhere. As some other groups, they might be more famous for songs that were catchy, but I wouldn’t consider their best, like ELVIRA and BOBBIE SUE. However for the time ELVIRA reached #1 on country, pop, and soul charts. A feat that hadn’t happened before.

Strong stuff. You bet ! There was the best version ever done of Rodney Crowell’s “Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight”. “Ya’ll Come Back Saloon“. Remember “TRYING TO LOVE TWO WOMEN”, “FANCY FREE” or I WISH YOU COULD HAVE TURNED MY HEAD“. When that stuff hit the radio all bets were off and if anyone could sit still just meant they were dead and didn’t know it. The ORB sure didn’t stop there. There was “AMERICAN MADE” and one of my personal favorites, “OZARK MOUNTAIN JUBILEE”. A force to be reckoned with for sure.

Beginning in the 1940’s as the Georgia Clodhoppers,  and shortly after became the ORB, with  current lineup in order in 1973. Traditionally gospel artists, baritone William Lee Golden, ever the visionary, encouraged a new direction into country music.  It was a move that would bring them worldwide success and plenty of gold records, and set the stage for an amazing ride!

So for 0ver 35 years of making great country records you’d think they’d all be sitting on a porch somewhere. Hardly the case. They are still working and still putting on a great show. They will be coming to a town near you, so go see the OAK RIDGE BOYS. It will be a great trip down memory lane and you’ll hear a few new songs to add to your memory bank.

i hear a rooster crowin’ – it’s a frosty mornin- i can almost see the sign

goin’ so fast i can’t stop – i’m just a stones throw from little rock- headin’ for that missouri line


One thought on “Shine A Light: The Oak Ridge Boys

  1. I go see the Oak Ridge Boys every chance I get and I thank God for blessing them with the talent they have. They lift my spirit with their music and the goodness that’s within them.

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