Worship: How Do You See That Word?

I suppose before we even begin to answer a question about the definition of worship, maybe the initial question would be how do we see our relationship with God.

Am I nothing without God? Is adoration and worship the same thing? If someone is in awe of this creation made by God, is that person in worship?

Our Christian faith has always used terminology like “God is our Father and we are his children”. If that is how we are to look at God, then I have difficulties with the “adoration” approach. I want my children to be in relationship with me. I want them to love and respect me. I want that lifeline to always be in play, but I don’t want them to “worship” me. Now I know I’m not God. but more of Gods example of imperfect man.

So where does that leave me? Does it mean I am arrogant? does it mean I think I’m on equal footing with God? There might some who’d say since I don’t sing out, cry out in public, follow the well worn path, that my relationship with God doesn’t exist. There are those that if they don’t see the result they way they think it should be, then they don’t think you’ve “got it”.

I saw a description that said worship was an acknowledgment of God. An understanding of it all. I don’t think I need to tell God how great he is, because I don’t think that’s what he wants to hear from me. He wants me honestly, raw, angry, happy, confused, peaceful, searching, and homebound. but that’s just me. And maybe that’s the beauty of God. He wants us to “worship” him in our own way, allowing everyone to sing out, cry out, preach out, walk quietly, watch the morning wake up, etc, etc.

Maybe it’s humans that makes things difficult. We usually do. I usually do. Live and let live and know that there are some who won’t. Some roads are narrow and some are wide. I will continue to greet God in the morning, with the trees full of birds, a cool breeze and a cup of coffee. This is a big part of my worship, where I am quiet and God is letting creation do his talking, or better yet, he is in the wind and birds. We are both just enjoying the moment.

I am thankful, on the post 4th of July, to be living in a country and society where I have the freedom of worship and the freedom to express my views openly.

I have much to learn and re learn. I have much to shape into fuller thoughts. I don’t think anyone should ever apologize for searching and digging for truths, and asking questions of themselves or the world.  I welcome thoughts and reflections on this.

Thanks for the ear !


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