What’s A Patriot?

By definition a patriot is “a person that feels or voices patriotism, support for their country”. That seems like a simple definition, but it sure has sparked battle lines in our country the last few years.

So how do you define someone who is a patriot? And what would that person be patriotic to? So he could be wearing a uniform and in many cases isn’t. Can we successfully support our boys and girls in harm’s way and yet speak out against an administrations choices for war? If we go back to the definition then we should be able to. That perhaps all that are raising their voices love this country, but don’t care for the leadership at a given time. If they didn’t love this country I don’t think we’d hear from them.

Are we all fighting for what we want our country to look like? It gets complicated quickly doesn’t it? So many different sides to look at and it gets harder as time goes on. Our country becomes more and more of a gumbo every year. A natural progression if you ask me. Native Americans were the last indigenous folk. After that everybody is a new comer. The English, French, Swedes, Germans. We were all good with that because most of us couldn’t remember anything different. Then came the Vietnamese, and now the Mexicans ! If I was a Mexican, I’d be trying to get here any way I could !

So it keeps changing as everything has to. It brings new cultures and new religions. New ways of looking at life. It seems unfair to say this is where the change will end so we can hold on to some idealist memory. That brings the question of what kind of America do we want to fight for? What is worth risking our children’s and their children’s and their children’s lives?

That is always the question for me. What would seem like a suitable reason for my children to give their lives?  The world wars may have been the last time I would have felt like that was an honorable death. But to die for a political strategy is a hard pill to swallow. Life is too precious and I don’t believe my Creator wants us killing each other, I just don’t. I don’t believe every other option has been exhausted. I’m all for finding Bin Laden, but that seems like a war we are not in to win, and Iraq, well that’s just a whole other issue.

I would venture this idea. Maybe if no one country had to be the top dog, it would open up everyone’s ears and we could listen to each other. Just like in any relationship, we have to listen too. We are in a relationship with the world.

I know there will always be evil in this world and sometimes we have to draw an arrow. I’m good with that. I’m good with being a warrior to protect my family and my country when someone is drawing an arrow against me. but after those arrows fly, I’d like to know if it could have been avoided. For the next generation. The world can grow and it can seek humbleness if it wants. I hope it can start with you and I. The reason our country is great is because it really is made up of wonderful folk that want the same things. We all pray for peace. I like this Willie Nelson quote “The worlds problems will never be solved politically, but spiritually”.


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