Shine A Light: Paul Thorn

My sister called from California the other day asking if I’d ever heard of a guy named Paul Thorn. Well, yes I told her, about 12 years ago. a friend had turned me on to Thorns music and I was instantly a fan of his music.

Tupelo born Paul Thorn writes of many of our struggles. The tension between the dark and the light, good and bad, holy and sinful ! Raised by a Pentecostal preacher father, but drawn to the outside world, his writing constantly circles those struggles and observations.

I live in Nashville and write myself, so I find myself listening to new music and many times can hear exactly where the writer is going and can finish the sentence. It’s no big feat as the writing these days isn’t blazing any new trails. But Paul Thorn is quite different. His subject manner as well as how he presents it, is fresh and unique.His life story is awesome, including a boxing career that pitted him against Roberto Duran ! There is a new record out called “Pimps and Preachers”

Go check out Paul Thorn. buy some of his music and check him out live. It’s a great show, and I promise you will have a good time ! I promise.


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