Shine A Light: Stevie Ray Vaughn

Well I guess it was 1983. The venue: Night Town in Destin Florida. The artist: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I had heard Vaughn’s music for the first time about six months before through friend and constant music provider, Billy Smith. The first chords of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and “Texas Flood”, simply blew me away. I had never heard anything with kind of energy in it. That kind of spacing and phrasing with guitar licks that seemed like he had been dropped from another planet.

Hearing Stevie Ray Vaughn was one thing, but seeing him perform was a visual mind blower. Night town was a smoky honky tonk, and I was about 15ft from the stage. He comes out jeans stuffed in almost knee high boots, silky blousy shirt. Broad brimmed hat, with a huge feather plume sticking out. Wow he was a sight ! Let me tell ya the combination of watching him and hearing him was something one could never forget.

What I still remember most some 27 years later, is I had never seen a player and his instrument as one like this. It was and is hard to describe how everything just poured out of him, from his heart right on through those six strings. It was amazing and really to even try and describe it, does the event a dis service, makes it hollow.

The dark day of August 27, 1990 brought the horrible news. Vaughn and others were killed in a helicopter crash after a gig. Gone. Done. No more. Lives turned into memories and epitaphs. Go check out something special.Go check out Stevie Ray Vaughn’s music. Not only will you not be sorry, but you will find a road where you thought was a wall. RIP SRV


4 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Stevie Ray Vaughn

  1. I have seen b/w photos of SRV at the Destin performance during the Texas Flood tour in 1983. Unless there were costume changes, he was not in the garb you describe. He was wearing his straight brim black hat with the silver medallion hat band, a solid color button down shirt, and jeans with a silver medallion belt in similar style to the hat band. Quite dressed down for SRV. And he was playing his magnificently beat to hell Number One/First Wife.
    The photographer did, however, remember the show as something extraordinary and memorable as you describe.

  2. I was also in the house that night, up front, and simply blow away. I’m not quite sure myself, about what he was wearing, but the second description sounds more memorable. I was a twenty three year old airman stationed at Eglin AFB at the time. Originally from North Jersey (Norwood) and close to many great clubs. Two in paiticular, Blues/Southern Rock clubs that standout were the “Red Rail in Nanuet NY and The Lone Star Cafe on 14ST in lower Manhattan”. Anyway couldn’t get enough of SRV & Double Trouble after that show. In the latter part of the 80’s (87-90) I spent time living in FT. Worth, San Antonnio TX and with Austin inbetween and I was able to catch many great artist perform. I would love to get any pictures from that night if available. Thanks for listening. October 1, 1983, Yeah!!!!

  3. I was at this concert. Up close too. I had never heard of Stevie before this night. My friends who encouraged me to go had. I’m glad they asked me to go. Would love to have a recording of it if it exists.

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