Postcards From The South: Chattanooga TN

Most folks outside the Southern United States would be hard pressed to tell you where in the state of Tennessee, Chattanooga is ! Well, for the record it is snuggled quietly into the southeastern corner of the state, just a little over an hour north of Atlanta. We were moving our daughter into University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I took a couple of shots that I found interesting and will take more scenic shots on future trips.

The Curl up and Dye Salon was an interesting little spot. I guess it should come as no surprise that they take “walk in’s” !! We were thinking that salons are right up there at the top of the list of always having “creative” names. I use the term “creative” very loosely ! but I thought this one was pretty funny or maybe it was just early and I hadn’t had enough coffee.

If you are ever in Chattanooga and hungry for Barb-Q, give Sugars a try, it was awesome !

I’m thinking if I ever need a wardrobe redo, I’m head to “Funktastic” ! Why not, it seems to be the place for hip threads. But they are in the process of changing locations (big surprise).

Anyone that grew up in the south has forever seen the signs “See Ruby Falls” ! Those signs are engrained in our minds. The famous Lookout Mountain is where you can see 7 states. It’s a cool little town and area to visit. So grab ya some new clothes at Funktastic, some ribs at Sugars, maybe get your “do” a little touch up and the Curl up and Dye, then truck on up to Lookout Mtn !!!


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