Could You Really Live, Where You Dream Of Living

Ok, so this is perhaps only for those of you that aren’t living in their dream place. I heard a funny joke on a Jackson Browne record. Jackson was playing in a town that had just been voted the best place in America to live. So Jackson asks, “What about the people that were saying they don’t like it here, you mean there’s no place better?”

Is it the constant, plaguing myth of the greener grass. Does it strike all of us or just those of us that have too much and too many choices anyway? Do the ones that grow up too poor to have the means to change just settle in and do the best they can in the place they are? Are places better or worse? I mean, I get that it could be easy to say Beverly Hills is better than a ghetto somewhere. And even all of that is debatable. But is Park City better than Miami? Is Austin better than Nashville? Or is it us that can make anyplace better or worse via our outlook !

I think I have always had the wandering fever of places to live. For a large portion of my life I dreamed of staying put in my hometown and raising my children there and their children and their children…Creating history, and being a deep part of a place. Perhaps having to leave my hometown at 14 and move to a completely different geographical and cultural place set in motion this wandering soul. My wife says that almost every place we travel , that I say “wouldn’t it be cool to live here” !

I’ve had the continual dream to live close to the water again. A quiet life on the beach. maybe even in the islands somewhere. I wonder if I’ll ever make that big leap. Deeply, I wonder if I’d really like it or are those places better for short term visits and fantasies?

Well as you can tell, I don’t have any answers. I still dream of Fiji, Hawaii, The Gulf coast, The Carolina coast, etc, etc. I dream of an idyllic life with my wife, where my children come and hope one day they too can live in paradise. Till then, I like where I am enough, mostly because I love the ones I live with. What do you think? Do you dream of places afar or are you already there?


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