Shine A Light: Michael McDonald

You may be a fan of the pre Michael McDonald Doobie Brothers or a post fan. You may even like both, but there’s no denying that when Michael McDonald lends his voice to a song, he puts a stamp that is totally his own.

Here’s a 1977 performance of “Takin’ It To The Streets”. Classic in anyone’s book!

McDonalds solo LP 1982, “If That’s What It Takes”, featured 2 of his most powerful songs. “I Can Let Go Now” and “Losin’ End”. To me this is the sweet spot of Michael McDonald pulling back the curtain and writing form that painful spot. His voice is so full of soul, that each word is bathed in emotion.

From playing in Steely Dan, to the Doobies and a great solo career that keeps on peaking, it’s hard to say where he’ll stop. Recently McDonald has lent his voice to a couple of Motown CDs, featuring some of the best of artists like Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye. Those are big shoes to fill, but he brings the music off in his own way.

He is the real deal, so go check him out. Don’t let him just be a voice from the past !


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