Ain’t Nothin’ Like It Used To Be

So when were the good ole days? I’m guessing they are different for everyone , right? Do we all yearn for the simple times, or do we really dream of our mental picture of simple times? Could we, would we ,go back to pumping water from a well, going outside to go to the bathroom? Would we want to go back to just 3 TV stations, or better yet, when there was no TV? Lets not even bring up the internet, and all of the “communication” devices even the strongest of us are addicted to.

I guess it happens to every generation. Children are always doing things that their parents didn’t and there becomes the place of ” I tell ya, when I was a kid, we didn’t get to …….? Just fill in your own blank. So on and on it goes. It’s the toughest task at hand, but we’re instructed by all of the great religions to live in the moment. To try and live within each breath and to know that each breath is holy and sacred. Easier said than done I think, but in those brief glimpses I’ve had, it’s a wonderfully peaceful moment. Everything seems to fade away so you can bask in the moment right where God is.

I spoke about this with a friend the other day and his thought was maybe we think back on our own”glory days”, when we thought life was just right, and think of them as the good ole days. When we had the perfect job, or perfect mate, or our “greatness” was in sight! Maybe he’s right. but we can’t change the past and we can’t see the future, so all we really have is the moment. It’s hard but I believe the moment is the sweet spot. Thankfully God isn’t expecting any of us to “be there” all the time, just to recognize it and keep trying.

What do you think? Maybe I’m full of it. Do you live too far in the past? Do you like your past? Do you think you can only make the moment good, by thinking of the future. I hope you find peace wherever you are.


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