Shine A Light: The Counting Crows

When I discovered the Counting Crows in the early 90’s or so, it was a wonderful moment for me. This was all pre I Tunes, so finding new music wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I was in my mid 30’s and sure had the feeling that the modern musical landscape was passing me by. The grunge scene was in full flourish and I wasn’t connected to that at all. the female artist I was hearing were just too whiny. When I heard the Counting Crows, I heard poetry and a plaintive voice, that was totally unique.

I really felt the Crows were refreshing. I thought lyrical content was cool and somewhat mysterious and the vibe just as cool. Duritz is a great interpreter of his lyric. What I remember most is that he wasn’t whining! I’ve listened to their music through the years but not as intently as that debut record, August and Everything After.

If you remember them, check them out again. If not they may be worth a listen. As we get older and the music is programmed for dance and or younger audiences, it sure gets harder to find good stuff. But be thankful for music searches on the internet and bands like the Counting Crows, to offer hope.


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