Reading List: Chasing Francis

I am beginning to believe I should keep my mouth shut for maybe the rest of my life as far as what I know and what I don’t know. Anyone that knows me, knows how absurd that is, but what I’m really trying to say is everyday I realize how much I didn’t know the day before! Or at least what a limited view I had on things.

My “religious” upbringing was a blend of Episcopalian and Assembly of God. Needless to say I’m used to most anything from incense to speaking in tongues. There was a long period that I moved away from the Episcopalian style of worship, and was drawn to a more evangelical style, minus the tongues. Of course once on either side of a religious fence, I would toss a rock at the other side from time to time, finding their differences as obstacles to truth.

God has walked with me through many a journey, or one really long one, depending how you look at it. I’m thankful for a God that knows when to be quiet and let me explore. In the back quiet, peaceful corners of my soul, He has spoken to me, and what I hear is “one people, one God”. As I’ve matured, and I use that term loosely, I am becoming softer and wanting to unify instead of divide. I’m just not so concerned with being right anymore, and I want to listen, really listen to to other peoples thoughts and viewpoints.  As I go, I see things from different angles and they aren’t always what I thought they were.

I think Ian Morgan Cron found that, in his wonderful book, “Chasing Francis”. It is a profound read and wonderfully simple really. Kind of like God and life can be if we don’t put our “stuff” in the way.

This post isn’t meant to ramble on so I will close momentarily. The reflection of this book has been that God fits in no mans box and that if we truly have a huger for Him, that our journeys will take many a twisting turn, and somewhere in that intangible space called “faith”, we will see past the veil and hints of peace will overcome us. So if you are looking for another way to see the Holy, check this book out. If you have it all figured out and you don’t think you need to move, then…..check this book out.

Thanks to the friend that passed this along and thanks to Ian for sharing part of his journey. I suppose a thanks should go out to ole Francis too. Talk about a dude that was “keepin’ it real”. What a touchstone for the spirit of God he was and is.

I would love to hear from any of you concerning your journey. We all have stories and sharing them brings us all closer together. It’s one of our common grounds. Peace


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