Shine A Light: Jamey Johnson

Once in a while, in the country market, someone slips through the veneer, polished, image summa cum laude, totally absurd image that most of todays’ country artists embrace. Such is the case with Jamey Johnson. Let to his own devices, artistry and money, Johnson turned out one of the coolest records of late. If you dig a sound that’s more ragged than right. If you dig old Waylon Jennings type stuff, but all his own, Jamey Johnson might just scratch your itch !!

After scoring major hits for Trace Atkins and George Strait’s great tune Give It Away, it was time for Johnson to make the record his spirit had been wanting to make. “That Lonesome Sound” was it. That record also produced the song of the year ” In Color”. If Johnson isn’t the real deal, then he has a lot of us fooled. But I don’t think south Alabama native is fooling anyone. This is the kind of stuff he digs and you’d find on his CD player !!

Go check him out on i tunes. Johnson also has a new record coming out mid September called “The Guitar Song”.


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