It’s Gonna Be OK !

I feel pretty certain that when God looks down on us, He has to be thinking, “Well they are only humans”. “I mean, come on, what do you really expect”?

This isn’t a God post per say, but more of a human observation thought. It seems that when I watch the news it just reinforces the thought that,  left to our own devices we may very well eat each other someday !! I wonder if the heavens look upon us as a day care center full of five year olds. We just want what we want that’s all. As long as we can pull that off we are happy. But there is a billion “we’s” in the world !

Republicans against the Democrats. Theologians against each other and news making stories of an isolated few, seem like a big storm is coming.  North against South, man against woman, God against gays, and a million other ways folks twist words and cultures to make them feel in control. But control is an illusion. I don’t think we even have control of this very breath. We take a breath and then another and then hopefully another. We wake another day hoping to be better parents, friends and children, but in reality that “hoping” is what we have, and hell, that is alot better than control !

In a world with so many voices coming at us, with 24/7 news and stories pounding and pounding through the internet, TV, radio, etc, etc…… Feel like that Tom Petty song Your Jammin’ Me”. So I guess it is up to us,  to keep so much of that info at arms length. If not it could overcome our spirits. It seems like the spirit of Jesus is a long way away when I watch the world at large. But when I get on a country road, watch children play, or laugh with my wife, I feel Jesus right where he should be. Close to my heart, and speaking through all things, ” It’s Gonna Be Ok”.

What do you think friends? Is it gonna be ok? Will it all play out just like its supposed to be.? Will things that matter so much now, matter in the end, and what can we take with us?

Big questions but maybe nothing a beer won’t diffuse ! “Three Little Birds by Bob Marley.


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