Shine A Light: ZZ Top

Yes sir, that’s right, that little ole band from Texas. Just three fellas. Bass, drums and guitar. Probably gonna sound a little light and flat: not alot of energy, right? Well guess again, these boys have rocked for over 40 years, and if you are anywhere from 45-60 years of age, then they probably hold a crucial thread in your musical memories !

Coming out of Houston Texas, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members, ZZ Top are one of the coolest artists ever. Remember songs like, LaGrange, Tush, Pearl Necklace, I want to thank you, Legs and Sharp Dressed Man? They have been cranking them out since the mid 70’s. Memorable album titles alway evoked a great imagination like Mescalero, Deguello, Tres Hombres and El Loco !

Known for their long matching beards, but even more so for their driving blues rock, with a cool laid back vibe, ZZ, is so distinctive and unique that they defy any classification other than good ole American Rock and Roll badasses ! Give ’em a listen if its been a while..They are also touring with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers this summer..So there ya go, no excuse….


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