So the younger folks had myspace and then came over to Facebook, as I’ve heard because it seemed a little more grown up! The biggest demographic signing onto FB these days is female, age range 40-65 ! That has not brought many shouts of joy from our children.

The children gripe because they don’t like to have to accept their parents as “FB friends”. The big brother, or should I say Big Mother syndrome is monitoring what you say and the kind of pictures you post. My friend Steve Wyer, runs a company called “Reputation Advocate”, at http://www.reputationadvocate.com. He says the general rule is watch what you put out there, because you never know how it will come back to bite you. . Most perspective employers now check FB before anything, to determining what kind of applicant they have. That doesn’t even include some idiot getting on line and saying things true or untrue that can cause great damage to a persons business or life.

For us over 40 folks, its been a great way to reconnect with long lost friends. Not that you have to jump back into someones life, but its kind of cool to see what they are doing and where they live. They are just hard to recognize sometimes !!

Downsides are plenty. Too much time spent talking about what you are doing instead of just doing it, living life. Chronic, addicted posters, letting the world know their every move and thought. Too much, sure I’d say so, then I catch myself spending too much time on FB. You have the game players looking for their lost chicken at Farmville, posters sharing wayyyyy toooo much info, the language issue when it’s easy to be bold on line, etc….I guess it’s like life “use responsibly”.

What do you think of FB? Do you have to detox sometimes? I have a few friends that wouldn’t join FB even on a dare, while others are mainlining it ! So be careful, have fun, and tune out sometime. Good advice for me!


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