Nowhere in the lyric of Imagine, did Lennon say “Imagine there’s no God”. He was just encouraging us to imagine a world without all of the divisions and labels, and to be able to live as one. I guess that’s what turns us to a higher power, and left to our own devices we will build walls instead of bridges.

What’s in a label? I think there is much more than we think, as we sling those terms around. Simply because beneath the labels are people. Other humans living out their own human dramas amidst births and deaths; smiles and heartaches; alcoholics and Godaholics !

We all feel pretty justified in the labels we wear. And there’s a ton of them isn’t there?  Christian, White Collar, Liberal and bleeding heart liberal. Democrat, Tea Party, Baptist, Southern Baptist, Free Will Baptist. Anglicans, Cultists and Republicans. We divide and divide and divide till we are just plum wore out. I get being with people that feel and think like you do, but I know I have learned much more from my friends that think differently than I do. They stretch my mind and shed a light I had not seen, or perhaps didn’t want to see.

I have friends deeply embedded in conservative thinking, both politically as well as spiritually. Some people would slam the door on them, but in the end they really want the same things as any other group of people. Peace. They just want peace and a safe world for their children to grow up in. “How do we get there?”. That has always been the dividing line. When we see the line being drawn, we break out our bag of rocks and start lobbing them into their camps, with pieces of paper attached calling them every name to be thought of. Wow, no wonder societal progress moves slow.

Blacks vs Whites, rich vs poor, Native Americans vs Europeans. Mini Van drivers vs sports car drivers. Rock stars vs Country stars….God vs Godless…Heaven vs Hell….

But among the clutter and confusion of life, I really find that when you get someone alone and quiet, where ideas can be shared, not forced, then we see just how close we really are. The color fades, Denominations embrace, and political lines in the dirt get kicked into oblivion by someones shoe. When we look into another’s eyes, that is when the rhetoric begins to fall apart and you get to the root of a feeling, not just the reinforcement of the CNN or FOX news sound bites.

Frustration is everywhere, patience is the thinnest line we’ve ever seen, and we are desperately trying to find solid ground. A type of ground where we can rest and put up our swords.Where we can let go of the labels, the divisions, for deep in our hearts we know they aren’t right.

Where we can see the simple truth, that we are all in this together, and you ain’t taking none of your stuff with you when you go. We will arrive in the presence of the Maker just as we are. People. human beings, nothing more, nothing less. Loved equally.

Tell me where you are at with all of this. Especially those that might disagree. There are gonna be those out there that are comfortable with labels and division, and only hang out with folks that reinforce what they think. It’s ok, I want this to be an open forum for us all.


6 thoughts on “Labels

  1. WOW….deeply moved and inspired by this to not only live my life better but to look through the walls of our many differences and see the person on the other side of that wall that is struggling to find his/her way in this world just like I am……I AM HONORED to call you my friend!!!!!

  2. The honor is all mine. That’s when these blogs can really become something useful, when people like you add your comments. It creates dialog and I need those words as much or more than anyone. In my mind this blog has never been a soapbox for me, but a place where hopefully dialog can begin. Peace and Love to you my friend, G

  3. I think it might even be okay to imagine there’s no god. Considering the consequences of that really draws me even closer and more in awe.

  4. hmmm that’s really an interesting angle. Again once we let go, we can be drawn back even stronger. Maybe there is something that if we have something forced upon us, it can become an obligation of sorts. Many times we can come to resent some obligations. But when we are free to choose, God seems an easy choice, especially if you see him out of the traditional boxes. Good words Rex, thx.

  5. I get being with people that feel and think like you do, but I know I have learned much more from my friends that think differently than I do. They stretch my mind and shed a light I had not seen, or perhaps didn’t want to see.

    Glenn, you hit the nail on the head here. Branching out and befriending people who don’t believe exactly as I do has opened me up to so many amazing experiences that I never would have had if I would’ve just stayed within the boundaries of my own religious & political viewpoint. It’s incredible what an open mind can accomplish. Unfortunately, it appears that folks are closing up within their ranks and that’s the worst thing we could do at this point in our society.

    I truly enjoy all of your posts, but this is one of the best!

  6. Thx Ginger, I’m glad your still checking this blog out. And you are right about an open mind. Course I’ve always heard that if your mind is too open your brains will fall out, but I will take my chances !

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