Shine A Light: The Avett Brothers

String band, folk band, rock band, blues ! yup, I’d say a little of each, cause everyone gets the blues. This Shine A Light series has been great to bring attention to artists I grew up listening to, and to rekindle someones love for them. If it just brought one more Jackson Browne or Willie Nelson fan into the fold, then it’s a job well done.

To Shine A Light on new artists is especially awesome. Around Nashville there is always a little buzz going on about underground music. I’m especially fortunate to be surrounded by younger friends that share music with me. Such is the case of the Avett Brothers. A buddy gave me a few songs a couple of years ago “Murder In The City”, and “If It’s The Beaches”. The song “Tear Down The House has one of my favorite lyrics “Ever since I learned how to curse/ I’ve been using those sorry ole words/ But I’m talking to these children/ and I’m keepin’ it clean/ I don’t need those words to say what I mean”.

So hats off to these Concord North Carolina boys. Two brothers and a friend. Great music, hitting the big time, late night TV, sold out shows, all of that. If there is a place for the BIG rock shows and thundering music, then there is a place for groovy, well crafted acoustic music. I love them both!!!! Hold on to your hats and your hearts fellas, the world may try to steal them both.

Check out the Avett Brothers on itunes, then go see them, coming to a city near you.


2 thoughts on “Shine A Light: The Avett Brothers

  1. Another group that has really caught my attention is Need to Breathe out of Seneca, SC. Also 2 brothers and a couple of friends. Not sure what makes the connection of brothers so beautifully musical, but there has to be something there.

    Oh, and Brandi Carlile toured with Avett Brothers to Atlanta recently. What a voice-like vinegar. Simply amazing talent and soul.

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