Farm Aid: Really? Still?

When founding Farm Aid member, Willie Nelson began organizing the first Farm Aid in 1985, he thought he’d only need one Farm Aid to get peoples attention. Willie was thinking that if folks knew where their food was coming from and how it was processed that it would be only natural for them to move over to organic foods. Well, I guess ole Willie misjudged our addiction to processed foods and perhaps our laziness too !

Here it is 2010, 25 years after that historic,  brave concert in Champlain, Illinois, we are still having Farm Aid. So many of us are a part of the solution, and yet the same of “us” are part of the problem. I try to eat better, and surely organic when I can, but I tell you, it’s a ton of work, and well, I guess most times I’m too lazy to search out healthier options.

I was fortunate enough to attend Farm Aid 5 at Cowboy Stadium in Irving Texas with artists William Lee Golden and the Goldens. Every artist that plays Farm Aid is given a very detailed package of the work and efforts of Farm Aid. For Willie, the other board members, and the artists that give their time, Farm Aid is serious business and close to the heart. In David Crosby’s book “Stand Up and Be Counted”, he states that Willie oversees, signs and accounts for every check written for Farm Aid. Crosby also says that Farm Aid is the cleanest run organization of its kind, with an unusually high percentage of dollars going directly to help the American farmer.

It wasn’t that many generations ago that all of us had come from farming people. My Grandparents grew up as cotton farmers in south Alabama, and I watched them work their gardens through the years with a connection to the land that was simply amazing. They knew more about how land and how healthy the soil is just by touch. There is no doubt in my mind that when someone has respect for the land, and lives a life that close to it, that the food that ends up on my table will be better. Better for me and better for my family.

Few of us make a complete jump, but the next time you have the opportunity, choose organic. Choose to support a local farmer. You can also go to at anytime to donate a few bucks. It’s important stuff my friends.


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