Eden: Do you Remember Yours?

I went to a mens retreat recently. The speakers general framework was that we’ve all lived in Eden and we have all had it shattered at some point in our lives.

There was a time in our lives that all seemed right with the world. Times when we thought everything was in harmony and all is the way it is supposed to be. There is a gentleness and a safe feeling to that Eden. We feel protected and connected. We are in love with the world.

Then as the speaker says, “a snake comes into our garden”! Tragedy strikes. Sometimes it strikes slow and long over a period of time and sometimes as swift and cruel as a raging river. The snake. Abuse, broken trust. An improper touch, cigarettes out on a childs forearm. Divorce, death, the desertion of a friend. betrayal. How quickly Eden goes away. How much time we live longing for just a little taste of Eden. Of harmony. Of peace. And how much time we can spend living in the tragedy, recycling our pain, constantly fighting the same pain. Not letting go. Easier said than done if you ask me.

Do you remember your own Eden ? Do you remember the snake? How was it or is it being dealt with? Some turn to God, some to vices. Some get and stay mean, always looking for an opportunity to vent. We all know one of these and perhaps we can all be those people in degrees.

So if you remember your Eden, do you also remember the times or moments that you felt a gentle hand saying it was all going to be OK? Do you remember when the veil was thing enough to feel God, the presence of the divine? Those are not always easy. I remember feeling that presence in the shape of a hug after hurting my wife. After severing a trust. Me, the offender being given grace by the offended. A powerful moment that I could only describe as pure love, the love of the Creator.

I’d love to hear your thoughts my friends and readers. It’s heavy stuff, but we have to work through it. All of our losses of Eden are affecting us in one way or another. Especially if we don’t think they are.

Eden didn’t only happen with Adam and Eve. It is happening right now and if we look we can find moments, however brief, moments of peace and clairty. Moments of joy, of Gods grace.

Tragedy happens, we can’t avoid it, but we don’t have to live in it forever. I am in the constant state of working through my tragedies and reaching through the veil. Sometimes I do good, sometimes not so good. It’s part of living in the spiral of life.


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