Shine A Light: Ray Charles

I’m not sure if the world that just listens to music as something to tap their toes to, will ever realize how many barriers were broken and bridges were built by Ray Charles.

Brother Ray was born Ray Charles Robinson in Albany Georgia. Blind since the age of 7, Ray attended Florida School for the deaf and blind in St. Augustine, Florida. Rays penchant for boogie woogie music led him into one of the most diverse musical styles the worlds ever seen.

Here is  video of Ray doing the famous “Georgia On My Mind”.

How can you not believe every word he says!

Ray Charles lent his voice to the blues, gospel, jazz and country. Friend Willie Nelson said Rays Country and Western Album was one of the most influential country albums of all time. Ray lent his time and talent to “We Are The World”, and recorded with many country artists such as Johnny Cash, The Oak Ridge Boys and Ricky Skaggs.

There were no musical lines for Ray. Thank God. Check out some Ray Charles music if you don’t have any. As we say here in the South, “you will be blessed”. If you do have some, dig ’em out. We are not likely to have another Ray Charles in our lifetime.


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