Shine A Light: Don Williams

In a world that seems to be focused much of the time on silliness, and trivial soundbites, Don Williams music is the calm inside the storm. With a stretch of major hits from the mid 70’s to the early 90’s, Williams lent his voice to lyrics that grounded many of us during trying times.

With a string of 17 #1’s, the depth of Williams music feels endless. Great tunes like “Love is on a good roll”, “Amanda”, “I’m just a country boy, and the masterpiece “Good ole boys like me”, roll of Williams tongue like warm honey. Live, he seems to exert little energy, yet the audience is glued to him.

I was fortunate to see him at the historic Ryman auditorium in Nashville this week. After retiring for a few years he is doing a few shows here and there. He had the house spellbound and we hung on every lyric. “Lord, I hope this day is good”, and ” I believe in you” had all of us singing along, not so much down memory lane, but very present in a timeless lyric “I don’t believe heaven waits for only those that congregate, I think of God as all around and up above, I believe in love, and I believe in you”.

If you’ve never listened to Don Williams then don’t hesitate, grab a few off of i tunes, sit back, relax and find that something that’s been missing in your day. Quietness and humbleness aren’t qualities we revere much these days, but we should. Don Williams is both. If he is your memory lane, then turn don that ole road, and let the smiles begin.



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