Reading List: The Wolf at Twilight

For those of you that read Kent Nerburn’s great and now classic book, Neither Wolf Nor Dog”, the ride continues with Lakota elder Dan on the back roads of Indian land.

“The Wolf At Twilight” has Nerburn returning to the Pine Ridge Reservation at the request of Dan to help him find his sister. Problem is, he hasn’t seen or heard from her in about 80 years, since she was abducted and sent off to boarding school.

So we travel on with Dan, Grover, and Nerburn, learning about Indian culture, as well as the despicable acts committed by the U.S. government as well as the church.

What I marvel most about Dan is his constant connection with God. In every breath the Creator is present. While that’s true for all of us, Dan is aware of it!

Through that awareness comes his thankfulness. His reverence.

In the end of all things, Dan is looking for all cultures to connect and respect each other under the Creators spirit. Dan believed that God gave every culture a specific gift; a way of understanding and interpreting Him. In that, we should reach out to other cultures to learn more about the One God that created all of us.

Indian culture has been largely forgotten in our culture. Sure they are remembered with painted horses and war bonnets. They are remembered for Tipis and eloquent speeches, but they are rarely thought of a present day people. People with ipods, t shirt and jeans, sending children off to school. They are largely though of as charactures.

If non Indian cultures are ever to grow to their full potential and receive the gifts the Creator gave to Indian then they must be seen as real people. People of today. To do that in part we will have to face the atrocities that were committed, but atrocities that we can’t reverse. We can’t give back their land. We’d have to give back the entire United States! My people, the Lower Creeks, were here thousands of years before Don Tristan DeLuna “discovered” the area now known as Pensacola. So what can we do? We can open our hearts and minds to their culture. Allow their voices to be heard and say a prayer for the way they have been treated and continue to be treated. Make no mistake, it is still going on. Once the government wanted their land and now they want what’s under their land, the uranium.

Ok, this post is about Nerburn’s great book, The Wolf At Twilight. If you haven’t read “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”, then you are in a wonderful place as you have two books that will warm your heart, bring a tear, and help you see the wonder of the Creator in beautiful new ways.


One thought on “Reading List: The Wolf at Twilight

  1. It’s a gray day here in San Diego so I’m off to Starbucks and Barnes&Noble for the follow up. I encourage all to read Glenn’s first recommendation. I read it thinking it’s my heritage-Algonquin , but realized we must ALL read it and be aware of what we’ve allowed to happen. Not just the robbing of their lands, but their very beings and culture.

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