Shine A Light: Miranda Lambert

I feel as distant to today’s Country Music as I think I could possible be. Perhaps it’s age, and with the “image” presence so strong these days it changes the shape of the picture. I will admit I think the craft of the writing is less than it used to be. I also think even the stuff I think of as weak is written by guys that have great stuff in their catalog. It is just damn hard to get something really well crafted with depth and uniqueness on the radio today. Here is an exception. “The house that built me”, written by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin, performed perfectly by the 2010 CMA female vocalist of the year, Longview Texas native, Miranda Lambert.

The idea of us going back to our childhood homes isn’t all that new, but the angle the writers took is so unexpected and realize how places shape us. It culminates in the hook “The house That Built Me”.

The record that contained “The House That built Me” is Revolution. If you think it’s like other records that have one or two good songs and the rest are fillers, well, you will be pleasantly surprised by this one. Her third project and Miranda has written all but 4 of these songs. To me, standout tracks are Fred Eaglesmith’s “Time to Get A Gun”, and “Virginia Bluebell by Jennifer Kennard. Miranda contributes solid cool songs like “Me and Your Cigarettes, and my first favorite “Airstream Trailer”.

Country fan or not, this record is worth checking out. It’s a wonderful hope that it all hasn’t gone by the wayside….Oh yeah, there is a really cool version of John Prine’s “That’s The Way The World Goes Round”. When Prine cuts something, you can’t try and reproduce what he’s done. You have to make your own stamp and Miranda did that in spades.

Let me know what you think !


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