Cowboy To Me

He was the last of the cowboys- a few straight words was his way

He was the first to greet the sunrise- and the last one to call it a day

Ridin’ strong, livin’ on and bein’ free- he was a cowboy to me

He did all you might expect- horses n’ cattle n’ pastures of green

But you can’t make a cowboy- with just boots n’ buckles n’ jeans

And there’s more than most will ever see- he was a cowboy to me

Years were good, but don’t last forever- every mother’s son is goin’ home

That western sky is holdin’ a tear- for the only life he’d ever known

He is gone but he is still free- always a cowboy to me

yes, he’ll always be a cowboy to me

Dedicated to the memory of Chris LeDoux, Lane Frost, Jim Shoulders and Doyle Howell


2 thoughts on “Cowboy To Me

  1. Hi, Glenn – I saw your poem this morning as I was looking for a way to honor my uncle, a genuine cowboy to me, who passed on last night. You said it as if it had come from my heart! I’ve shared in on Facebook, and thanks for posting it. Best – Anne

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