Shine A Light: Chris LeDoux

Rodeo folks knew the name Chris Ledoux long before Garth Brooks made it a household name in his song “Much too young(to feel this damn old)”. You remember the lyric right, everybody that was alive in 1989 does, “An wore out tape of Chris Ledoux, lonely women and bad booze, seem to be the only friends i have left at all”. Well that shot Ledoux’s name out there into the great big music universe.

Here is one of my favorite Ledoux tunes called “This Cowboy hat”

Chris Ledoux was the real deal my friends. A true cowboy. Champion bareback rider, bronze sculptor and musician. Ledoux had been making records and singing for years around the rodeo circuit. When the Brooks song mentioned him it changed everything.

Garth Brooks has always given credit to Chris Ledoux for his live shows. Know for high energy shows, Brooks says he modeled them after seeing a LeDoux show in California.

LeDoux was always known as what the rest of us want cowboys to be. Honest, forthright, and able to go the distance. Ledoux has it all. Unfortunately, we lost Chris LeDoux much too early. Battling with liver illness, and surviving a transplant, Chris succumbed to a cancer that attacks the small intestines in 2005.

My friend Lane Turner is the lead in a a off Broadway play called “One Ride” about Chris LeDoux. If you are in the area, go check it out. If it goes over well, they will tour also. Lane is a great singer and comes from honest cowboy culture.

So, go give LeDoux’s music a shot. It’s a breath of fresh air !!


4 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Chris LeDoux

  1. I have met a lot of different singers in my time and the one i have the upmost respect for is Chris. He was 100% dedicated to his wife and family, which is hard to find. No one will ever find another true cowboy like Chris. Its been 4 years since your passing and I still cannot believe you are gone. To this day I cannot attend any rodeo’s without listening to his music, even if it’s a 4 hour drive. Chris has given me so much inspiration. I miss you Chris and you will never beforgotten

  2. My fav song is also this cowboys hat a lot of young artist mention him in ther songs to like brantly Gilbert in country must be country wide Chris is awesome and my hero thx for all he did

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