Shine A Light: Todd Snider

Folks have been giving me Todd Snider music for years now. Another friend lives right down the street from him and sings his praises all the time. I just never got it. Now I do ! I think I was trying to compare him to other singer songwriters that I know, looking for him to be a poet of that degree. That ain’t Todd Snider’s gig. Listening to a live record lent by a friend of mine, I find his humor, and I find a lyric that’s pretty dang good. Funny, insightful and talking about everyday things, but in a way that is really cool.

Sorry i missed you all those times before Todd, but I got ya now. Go check out Todd Snider’s music on i tunes. Just invest in a few of them and then sit back and listen. The “live” record may be a good one to start with because it shows his personality more.

Let me know if you like any of it..Happy Listening !


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