Shine A Light: Silence

I love music. I really, really do. It has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. My Mother tells me that i was hooked on the 60’s hit “Birds and the Bees”. I came from parents that like many of their generation, put music away once they started having children. That music was only for young folks or something like that. They were in high school when Elvis blasted on the scene, but Rock and Roll, especially at that time was for kids. They played the radio, and I remember us having Christmas albums from Firestone. But mostly it was the radio. My parents listening to WBSR AM radio in Pensacola and my grandparents listening to the Gospel stations like WCOA.


The first 45’s I bought were Bobby Sherman’s “Easy Come, Easy Go” and B.J. Thomas’ “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”. But the Beatles were the first big “no turning back” music for me. “Let it Be”, was the one, and it’s funny to know now that they were already breaking up at that point. Since then, I have devoured many styles and feel like I am a pretty well rounded listener.

However these days, when I’m home alone, I find myself not listening to anything for a good part of the day. Silence. Music isn’t gone, it’s just different then. I still have music thoughts in my head and there is always lyrics floating by. But I really enjoy silence these days. Now I don’t want a steady diet of it, but it has become a wonderful balance to everything else.

I may play some Jazz in the morning or Tom Petty in the afternoon, but somewhere along the day, I will turn it all off. Maybe those stretches of silence somehow make the music even sweeter once I return.



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