Shine A Light: Garth Brooks

There was an old Elvis album titled “50,000, 000 fans can’t be wrong”. Garth Brooks immense popularity is that way as well. There is something about the accumulative aspects of Garth that made his popularity absolutely explode. In the early to mid 90’s it seemed that almost everybody had at least one Garth Brooks CD, even the folks you didn’t expect to.

There’s a lot that can be said about Garth Brooks. One of the best selling artist of all time, #1’s, CMA/ACM awards enough to fill a room. Ego galore. Sometimes overly emotional. Entertainer extraordinaire. Loving father. I’m sure you can find some ugly stories about him. Folks that rise to that level don’t do so without it. I have met him a few times and speaking from only those experiences, he was wonderful. Sincere, conversational, like talking to an old school friend.

I’ve not listened to his music in years, but it happened that I was at his Nashville flood relief concert this past week. It was the “first” concert Garth has done in about 10 years. It was undeniably great. A consummate entertainer and appeared to be having a wonderful time, but who wouldn’t enjoy 20,000 people screaming for you !! Everything aside, even if you don’t like his genre of music, the songs, every last one of them are solid as a rock. Add that with his personality and stage persona and well, you have all the makings of, well, Garth Brooks….

If you’ve not listened to Garth lately, go dig out a few tunes. Some of the arrangements are a little outdated, but hopefully the nostalgia will take over. He defined that space of time musically. For us raised in a world of country music, he was an artist that brought the world to country. For the most part it has been the other way around where country acts having always courted the rock/pop world. There is no shame in being country or liking a music that speaks to you and your life. Garth made it cool.

Oh, by the way, thanks to Garth for this series of shows..all sold out. Everything, ticket sales and merchandise, goes to the flood relief of Nashville. Way to step up.


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