Christmas; Red, green and the blues

It is said that there are more suicides in the month of December than any other month. That depression rears its ugly head more at Christmas than any other. Those among us, friends and family. The ones we love, that aren’t having the kind of Christmas they dream of.

These are the thoughts I woke up with this morning. Something wanted to remind me to remember and to be sensitive to those that are having a season they don’t want to remember. For me, to remember that not everyone I run across, even with that beautiful pasted on smile, is smiling on the inside.

For those I know that have lost loved ones; who aren’t working and feeling pain, especially in this season of materialism; for those working their way through the long and hard path of divorce. For the ones that hope is lost in the crumpled wrapping paper, Christmas parties and eggnog. These words are for me and you, my brothers and sisters. Reach out, be aware. Be encouragement for someone else. Be humble in your giving and getting.

In the season and all the seasons of life, I pray to be aware and that I remember to love. Merry Christmas to all, and embrace the truth that each new breath is a chance to move further from your heartache. Each breath is an opportunity for us to take our eyes off of ourselves, if even just for a moment.


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