Shine A Light: Traveling Wilburys

Sometimes super groups just don’t work, it’s like a basket ball team with 5 superstars and they don’t win the championship. In the case of the Traveling Wilburys it worked wonderfully.

I think most of the reason that it worked so well was that they had no intentions of big success. That’s not what they set out to do. They all liked each other. They all liked music, and they were hanging out playing, so it just naturally happened. A rare thing in today’s world. All egos were set aside. They just wanted to have fun. What a concept.

Can you imagine being Tom Petty, a pretty successful artist is his own right looking across the room, and there’s Jeff Lynne(ELO), Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, oh yeah and that other guy….that Beatle, George Harrison !! Must have tickled him right down to his socks. And for George to just be one of the guys. It’s what they all wanted, to just be in a band together. Sometimes you have to go back to the root of something to find the original joy and it’s always the best part. Go check The Traveling Wilburys out….You’ll dig em for sure !


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