The Path To Quiet

I am a seeker and a questioner. I am a songwriter and a reader of some moderate scale. I live in a town where many make their living on words. I am drawn to those that think and question. I am drawn to those that while they respect and even have a fondness for traditions, they are not bound by them. I am drawn to discussion. I have had the thread of a conversation go on with close friends for many years, and while that is all part of my DNA, sometimes I just have to let it all go.

Pick a subject, really any subject and you can churn it, shape it and break it down until you are blue in the face. This is especially true in our quest of harmony with our Creator. But sometimes the words and constant examining actually put distance between myself and that feeling of harmony. Then I know it’s time to let it rest for a while; to seek that quiet place and relish in the unknowing. To enjoy living in the gray of life, where answers will not prevail and hold to the belief that it’s all gonna be ok.

For me, those places are usually found in nature. Quiet beaches where the easy tides of my youth carry me far away. Sometimes it’s the mountains where I feel so wonderfully insignificant and yet perfectly in place. I turn off the music, turn off the TV and try to quiet those voices in my head. I find silence, sometimes in my car, sometimes just staring into the sky above, watching birds fly. That’s when I feel the comfort of God. That’s when I remember to let go and bask in the trust of that holy spirit gently blowing through my soul. That’s when the questions stop and comfort is held gently as if not to bruise the moment.

Do any of you wrestle with that constant questioning and searching? Where do you find those places of harmony and balance?

For me, that quietness is a place of recognition that I am right where I’m supposed to be a reassurance that if the path is taken with honesty, then it’s the right path. It’s place of harmony and it is quite beautiful.


One thought on “The Path To Quiet

  1. A hand full of quiet opposes gallons of noise and activity. Solitude consumes many questions for me. Acknowledging unknowing is the only path to quiet I know of. If I wait for all of the answers I may never hear the nothing that can speak so clearly.

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