Shine A Light: Spoken Word artist John Trudell

I have posted on John Trudell before. There would in fact be many lights to shine on Trudell. As a human being in search of truth to activist for American Indian rights, and for his music.

John is a spoken word artist. His words read over music. I wasn’t used to this type of presentation and it took me a while to divest myself of what I wanted it to be and listen to it with ears of what it is. To get out of my box and hear it for what it is saying. For me, even after many listens and the acceptance of the work, it took time for the weight of his words to sink in and connect.

Being patient was as big a challenge as anything and my lack of it told me much about myself. This video of “Crazy Horse” opens slowly and thoughtfully. something we aren’t used to in our fast paced, instant gratification society.

John Trudell also has several really good podcast that are free on i tunes.


2 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Spoken Word artist John Trudell

  1. Why would a man like John Trudell feel that he has to be in the sheep pen of social networking? Isn’t he important enough to have his own web site – be his own person? Maybe he isn’t the man I thought he was. He has my pity.

    • I’m not sure I’d equate being my own person with having or not having my own website. Trudell does have his own website, I’m not sure what sheep pen you are referring to, if it’s the “Living In The Spiral”, I am just trying to Shine A Light on folks that I think people would be interested in. I think Trudell is a champion for people native and non native.

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