About 5 years ago I moved into a new house and it had more room than the previous one. One thing my wife and I noticed as we set up house was how good it felt to be able to move around with ease in closets and drawers and even the living space. We made a “deal” that to keep this freedom of space, we’d get rid of something every time we bought something new. Yeah right! “Can you move some of your junk so I can put my stuff down”, is a polite version of the old George Carlin bit on stuff.

It’s amazing isn’t it just how much stuff I can accumulate? It’s very subtle. A little more and a little more and pretty soon I’m stepping over things to get the thing I want. Most of my stuff is “wants” and not “needs” anyway. Stuff becomes clutter and clutter hides what I’m trying to see. In trying to defend himself against a Zen practice of only have three possessions, Jackson Browne asked “does  a guitar collection count as one possession”? I know how much I like to justify  when it comes to my stuff.

It’s the same thing in my personal journey. I carry way too much clutter. Too much stuff, too many views. Too many voices, too many worries! Trying to be everything all the time. I think somewhere all of that is connected to me not being able to trust enough. To just be quiet, let go, and trust that it’s all gonna be OK. To trust enough in simplicity. To trust enough in me. To trust enough in my Creator. I need some spiritual Feng Shui!

So I will continue on, adding then subtracting. Reshaping. Hopefully resurfacing with a better, cleaner, clearer, less cluttered me! Maybe then I can see the back of the closet as well as see God without all of the obstacles that bring confusion. Without all of the stuff.