A Little Old Fashioned Karma

I saw a Facebook post the other day where someone was hoping to see the “injustice” they believed committed against them to be rectified. I was thinking how much of a natural response that is. If someone does us wrong, we wish to see it balanced by something happening to that person. There was talk of revenge, sin and fairness, all of which to me, spoke more of their pain than anything else. What we really want is for them to see how much they’ve hurt us.

How do we rise above our natural ways of reaction? I guess some of it is a maturing process, but maybe even more so a process of letting go of what we never could control. A realization that our own behaviors are all that we can control. Now when someone does wrong to us, I know for me, my first thought isn’t to “let it all go”. It usually is one of anger and hurt.

I think the threads are so interwoven, so deep that we wouldn’t have the capacity of exacting true justice or balance. I know when I’ve been wronged by someone in a relationship, I can usually find signs in there. They were telling me something. That they weren’t waking up one clear day in the middle of an ideal relationship and choosing to leave it. So what was my part? Where is the justice for the other person? Very complicated and fortunately we are not in control of all of that.

I think of where all of that must leave us. How do we respond to that pain and betrayal? I know when I’ve held on to those negative feelings, they have done more harm to me than the person I was mad at. I also learned that they were living with their own guilt and regret for the hurt caused. Forgiveness comes to mind. I would think that’s all we can do is to forgive and keep moving in a positive direction.

We all pay for choices made, every single one of us. We all try to make sense and to heal from the wrongs we’ve committed and the wrongs that others have committed against us. To me that is karma coming around. I hope I am better everyday of letting go of hurt given and received. To reach out and to be reached out to. To remember about all I can control is me and that’s a really good thing.


3 thoughts on “A Little Old Fashioned Karma

  1. Glenn, in the interest of full disclosure, I am going to repeat here what I wrote to you on your Facebook page. The thread for which you are writing about was referring to, at last, the arrest of a woman who is responsible for the death of my friend’s former husband. Homicide. Not “the end of… a relationship” as you write about in your blog post. I can relate on some level to her pain, as my father was also a victim of homicide. There are deeply entrenched, lasting emotions that, unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you will never understand…no matter how much one comes to setting it with God.

    Just thought you might want a little insight into the “thread” that you are referring to and sadly appear to have made assumptions about in your post.

  2. For all that are interested, this post is written from reflections of my own life. Choices made and not made. From places of hurt given and hurt received strictly in my life. These thoughts and images swim in my soul constantly as I try to release them. So even tho the spark that led to the thoughts, that led to this post, came from something on FB, I’m only speaking to my life, and my intention to better myself. The pain that the above reply speaks to is of the worst kind, and I would only be able to send love to that, as it goes beyond my comprehension. But I am only speaking of my internal thoughts.

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