Shine A Light: New Amos Lee

There was some thinking among some of my parents generation that music was meant for kids. Mine had the Buddy Holly and Elvis records, but when us kids came along, yep you guessed it, they gave the records away. Now the radio was played in our house and my grandparents played strictly Southern Gospel music, so there was music around for sure, but they weren’t buying music or overly interested in new music coming out.

I would think a lot of that changed with the Bob Dylan era. I’m thankful for that. As I get older it is sometimes a challenge to find music that speaks to me. Amos Lee is an artist that does. I think “Mission Bell” is his best work yet. Mature, thoughtful writing encased in great tracks and a voice that pulls the listener in. Amos Lee is a wonderful storyteller.

Lee was quoted as saying “There’s a real searching element to a lot of these songs”. As I continue on this journey of life, I find myself on that perpetual path of searching. Watching the world change, and my thoughts and ideas on life change all the time. Not so much back and forth, but growing hopefully on a continuum.

If you dig this type of stuff, check out Amos Lee’s 4th project, “Mission Bell”. I really think you’ll find a part of yourself in there.


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