Shine A Light: The Civil Wars

California born Joy Williams turned down record contracts at 14 to finish school. Maybe that’s the first sign of someone worth listening to. Someone willing to let the golden carrot go by. Eventually teaming up with Alabama raised John Paul White, the form The Civil Wars. With a huge plug from Greys Anatomy, the wonderfully beautiful song “Poison and Wine” was heard. Well you know how that goes, yup they hit the internet clickers in full force.

Minimalist production, haunting vocals; like listening in on a couples conversation in a crowded restaurant. That’s what listening to The Civil Wars music is like for me. But don’t let the simplicity of the production fool you, there is gravity in those words, depth in a way that only starkness could convey. The song

The Civil Wars tour a lot, in great venues where you can really listen. I would strongly encourage you to check them out.


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