Shine A Light: Bruce Springsteen

A favorite story of mine involving Bruce happened at Live Aid. The story went that Tom Petty was about to follow Springsteens set. Petty was in the wings with Jackson Browne, and the crowd was screaming and screaming BBBBRRRRUCE….Jackson told Petty, “don’t worry, they aren’t booing you, they are saying Bruce, to which Petty says dryly “what’s the difference”!

It’s really hard to explain to folks who weren’t there just how big Springsteen was in the early 80’s. When “Born in the USA” came out, it was beyond big. Of course the old “Boss” fans felt he was selling out and it was too commercial. Springsteen was just traveling on his own musical journey and to prove it, the next record was recorded at his kitchen table. The record “Nebraska” was dark, haunting, and yet beautiful. Stripped down and bare, real and raw.

Springsteen has done this many times, with hip LA records like …….and another stark story in the form of “The Ghost of Tom Joad”.

There is a long road of Springsteen music to choose from. Hard Jersey barroom, Pop rock, singer songwriter. He is the Boss. A True American, believer and searcher of truth. He has great things to share in his music. Give him a try.


3 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Bruce Springsteen

  1. Aah, this story I have not heard before!
    As a new Springsteen fan living in a non-Springsteen country, I have still a lot to learn after nearly two years of intensive study! He has indeed a lot to offer. Just one of the reasons I admire him is because he did not try just to go on in the same way after that huge commercial success, but has continued on his own journey, did what he felt he must do.
    Do check out my Springsteen blog at if you have not seen it yet.

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