Shine A Light: Van Morrison

They say “Moondance” is the record to start with if you are checking out Van Morrison. I admit he is a little tricky to understand sometimes what with that Irish brogue, and yes sometimes he goes on a little too long with ad libs, but at the core, Van Morrison is a deep, wonderful artist with great songs.

Songs, that you’d have to be living under a rock for the past 30 years to have missed. Songs like “Wild Night” (Tupelo Honey), “Moondance” (Moondance), “Stranded” (Magic Time) and of course Brown Eyed Girl” (Blowin’ Your Mind).

Here is Van Morrison singing the beautiful “Someone Like You”

Belfast born Van, now lives in California, but believe me, he hasn’t lost any soul living in the land of the sun. Morrison spans the gamut, with rocking songs, reflective songs, and as a friend of mine used to say “good ole belly rubbin’ music”!


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