Shine A Light: John Denver

75 and sunny here in Nashville. Seems like the perfect day to shine a light on one of my favorites, John Denver. Anyone that could describe coming alive in this world, an awakening to all that’s sacred, if you like, with a lyrical line like  “He was born in the summer of his 27th year- comin’ home to a place he’d never been before”. Well to me, that’s just brilliant. “Left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again- might say he found a key for every door”. Commericial, touching, organic and spiritual all at the same time. Say much, with so little. Quite a trick in the craft of writing. Few get it.

So, with 5 songs, really, it seems like John Denver was shaping way ahead of his time the spirit of which many of us live in now. “Sunshine on my shoulders”, “Leaving on a jet plane”, “Rocky Mountain High”, “Annie’s song” and “Country roads”. Now not that he didn’t have other great songs, but these seem to be the framework of the “organic generation”. Those of us looking for simplier, quieter and sweeter.

John Denver doesn’t need a lot of words spoken on his behalf. His own words speak loud and strong enough. He left us too soon, but what he left, his songs and his unwavering spirit of things being free and true to themselves, will live on.


2 thoughts on “Shine A Light: John Denver

  1. Very nice….I wasn’t a huge fan of John’s music when I was younger but I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of his non complex style and writing as I’ve grown older. Thanks for sharing. Would it be a faux pa to say that (literal) “sunshine on my shoulders” sometimes makes me hot? No offense 🙂

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