Shine A Light: Leon Russell

I was watching the re broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Elton John was inducting Leon Russell, and it  was a great, sincere and most honest induction. Elton reminded us of Leon’s phenomenal session career. I will give you a brief glimpse, because if I list all of the artists’ records he played on, I might lose you. Here ya go, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Everly Brothers, Del Shannon, Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the night”, that was Leon. Oh yeah, The Byrd’s “Mr. Tambourine”, that was Leon. Every single Beach Boys record, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, Herb Alpert, George Harrison and B.B. King. His timeless song “A Song For You” has been cut over 4o times and was a hit for Willie Nelson in the movie, “Honeysuckle Rose”. Leon was in Phil Spector’s house band, and that meant he played on every song that Spector did. Look up Phil Spectors career if you aren’t familiar. That alone will blow you away.

Leon is one my cousin Cyndi’s favorite. I love her and her love for Leon turned me on to his music a long long time ago.

You’ll remember Leon’s hits as an artist as well. “Tightrope”, “A Song For You”,”Delta Lady”, “This Masquerade” and my favorite “Lady Blue”. It’s good energy for Elton to call Leon and do a record with him last year called “The Union”. Mighty fine group of songs on there. But more, I think it did wonders for Leon’s spirit and hopefully put some much deserved money and attention on this great artist. Go check him out. Buy his music. He is just a click away!!


8 thoughts on “Shine A Light: Leon Russell

    • I love Leon Russell~ Music & Myth ~ since the first time I saw him with Mad Dogs & Englishmen back in the day in Austin, Texas……great he is finally in R&R Hall of Fame!!!!!

  1. I remember when Elton John was the opening act for Leon Russell in San Bernardino, CA. We had never heard of Elton John but we all loved Leon Russell! Still do.

    • Great story about Elton opening for Leon Russell. I have been a fan since early 70’s in college. Now that I read all the facets of Russell’s career, I am amazed and impressed. He deserves all the best. I hope he is happy. He has a beautiful family and I hope a beautiful life. I confess, I have had a major crush and still do.

  2. Leon seen you in Detroit last night on the river front. It was great to see you again. I think I have seen you play about 7 times in my life. You were great to see.

  3. I was a HUGE Cocker fan and also saw Leon perform in Chicago – as a result – in l973. He’s a phenomenon. Hope I spelled that one right~ We love you, Leon!

  4. being from tulsa,I grew up seeing him and have been to a few of his b-day shows on april 1 (tomorrow) i have been out west for the last cpl decades and still catch his shows when i get a chance. he started out with my relative john cale (jj cale). I just sawhim last month in nevada, he is still rockn and has a really good group of guys w/him.
    best wishes Leon

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