Shine A Light: New Davis Raines Record

I remember a long time ago in my 20’s, back when I knew everything, when someone would ask about Country music. The general response would be “yeah, I like some of it, but not that twangy crap”. Twang embodied all that I couldn’t relate to. Steel guitars, fiddles, direct lyrics, etc, etc.

So I guess time takes care of many things and if we can stick around long enough and keep an open mind, our world can open up. It did for me, thankfully with the old country music. I’ve slowed down long enough to appreciate subtle nuances. As a writer I’ve found out that it ain’t all that easy to write direct songs that are crafted.

Now there’s a word you don’t hear often in terms of music, “crafted”. Well, soon enough there is one coming out by a writer and artist, that those of us operating in the underground of Nashville Country music, have long appreciated, even if been a little intimidated by. Davis Raines. In the wonderful alignment of stars and time, Davis has teamed up with someone that likes to craft records. Someone that listens so close, and elegantly shapes every nuance of a record, to make it as close to a beautiful, artistic gift any artist could ask for. Milan Miller, producer, arranger, session player and songwriter, has done this with Davis.

I will let ya’ll know when this record comes out, and for those of you that think you’ve heard Davis, well guess again my friends, because this one is gonna be special. For those with the gifted “ears” it may not be perfect, but it will be soulfully and artistically perfect. It will be cared for, creatively inspired and yes, crafted.

This is music written, played and recorded for all the right reasons, love being the main one. But it’s like Kris Kritofferson once brightly said “We did it for the love, but we weren’t above the money”. So when this record hits, drop a few bucks in the itunes bucket, or come hear Davis when he plays in a town near you.





One thought on “Shine A Light: New Davis Raines Record

  1. I’ll tell ya, Mr. Glenn, with two n’s . . . Two of my favorite songs were written and performed by Davis: Last Hard Man In Elmore County, and the hauntingly beautiful, Black and Bloody War. I made a copy of these two tunes for our friend Mitchell Boyd about 10 years ago, and when I stopped by his house, last summer, he brought up those tunes. He has them in his player and still listens to them. I talked with Davis a few times over at Billy Block’s when he was over at the Exit In. He was a really smart and nice man.

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