Shine A Light: Mary Gauthier (Go-Shay)

When I first heard Mary Gauthier (Go-Shay) sing “I Drink”, I remember feeling uncomfortable, like I’d looked in someones window. It was so real and raw, this glimpse into this sad life she was singing about, that I could only listen to that one song, but I listened over and over again.

Mary’s story is a tough one. One she shapes and works at everyday. Read a little of her story here at

She has had songs recorded by major artists like Jimmy Buffett’s recording of “Wheel Inside A Wheel”. Good news for sure when you are a singer songwriter going for deeper truths in your writing, and a performance life that usually doesn’t have you selling out Madison Square Garden. But that sure isn’t what she’s going for anyway.

Check out this video. It’s one of my favorite Gauthier tunes.

Mary is a stand up person in a town where that isn’t always the case. A true artist, and like it’s been said around here many times- “I’d like to write a song like, but I don’t want to live what you’d have to live to write it”. She’s a good one, be sure to give her a shot when you are perusing i tunes. Also she has a new record out called “Foundlings”. Support her and the artists like her. It all begins with a song and she makes fine songs.



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