Shine A Light: Your personal musical journey

I think music is like wine; the older it is the better it gets. The key is that those artists or songs have been with you on your own personal journey. That have been the sweet, wonderful fabrics that have woven you world together. Sometimes the transport to those times is even better if you haven’t heard the artist in a while.

I know every time I hear Willie Nelson it takes me to a place of peace and comfort. Willie has been part of my fabric since 1978. Been there through births, deaths and divorce. Sunny days, Winter and Summer. The point isn’t that Willie is the greatest artist, it’s just that I’ve listened to his music for so long, that it makes a connection way down deep in your soul. Yours may be Miles Davis or the Bee Gees, I don’t know.

Days of growing up on the Gulf Coast with Jimmy Buffett and Bob Marley music,  those sounds feel like I am at home no matter where on this planet I am. Tom Petty’s “Here Comes My Girl”, transcends me to 1982, where I was immersed in a world of sun, beach, and fun that defies description here.

It also brings back memories of my cousin Randy and I sliding a tape of “Hard Promises” in a rental car deck and just driving along the coast for hours.

We all have our musical journey. I hope you are in touch with yours. It’s a really cool thing, to let it wash over you.

The connection is sweet and it gets richer all the time. What’s the music that does that for you? Think back on the stuff that makes you stand still and smile when you hear it.


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