Who Do You Think You Are?

You’ve seen or heard of this ancestry show on Friday nights, maybe? It might just be on the radar of us ancestry tracking geeks, but it is a really cool show. Our past, our heritage is a part of us. We are all but a mere link in the long chain of time going backwards and forwards. We are all connected not only with our ancestors but with each other.

Don’t think you have to look for famous people in your line. Believe me, true life, the drama of the human journey is fascinating enough. When we understand our lineage, we can get a little bit of insight as to who we are, maybe why are the way we are.

I have done research on my family in earnest now for about 4 years, and have asked questions about our family ever since I can remember. Thousand of folks are searching and digging deep to find their people and you just never know what you’ll find. I recently had a question answered concerning my Native American bloodline. It was a question that came from a comment my Grandmother mentioned to me when I was probably in my early 20’s. That had been rattling around in my head for some 25 years.

We all wish to feel connected in this world, but sometimes our own families seem like the last place where we’d want to begin. That the tribe you were born into isn’t the one you are choosing now. But I’d want to say that the window of your heritage is big and the line going back is deep and long. You never know, there might be  someone that connect to from several generations ago.

Our heritage is an honor to be a part of and a privilege to pass on. Check it out, it’s fascinating stuff….


2 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. i think about this alot, brother, with luke being an only child.
    he’s polish, irish, cherokee, scotch, welsh, and texan. he’s connected to all sorts of deep lines, like us all, but i know its our responsibility to give him the handles for taking hold of those lines so he’ll feel connected to it all.
    great essay, g.

  2. yes for him to be connected but also for him to make his children feel connected. I think we lose a lot when we don’t feel that connection. It’s a loss. Thanks for your words, peace to you and yours, g

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