Shine A Light: Earl Klugh

So I am 20 years old working in a record store and getting one of the best musical educations of my life. Folks working there loved music, and we cold cover any kind of music a customer asked for. We had Classical buffs and Jazzers, and most of them were old enough to walk you through any classic rock stuff. In 1979, Earl Klugh, oh by the way it’s pronounced ( Clue), released an album called Heart String. I’m 20 years old when I first heard it and was unconsciously trying to mature my listening tastes. This is one of the records that did it. I was amazed at Klugh’s beautiful playing on that gut string guitar. It was Jazz, but a Jazz that I could get. I didn’t intimidate me.

Here is Earl Klugh in the 1980’s playing on Australian TV.

Detroit native Klugh’s first hero was none other than the Nashville guitar great Chet Atkins. Easy to link those two playing styles for sure. Klugh went on to work with many a Jazz great including George Benson and Bob James. His record One On One with Bob James in 1981 was a big hit.

Klugh continues to play and turn out records. If you are interested in acoustic Jazz, give Klugh a try. It’s great music when you are wandering around the house or for dinner music.


One thought on “Shine A Light: Earl Klugh

  1. Earl’s “Wishful Thinking” was the one that hooked me and he was one of the first artists I listened to when I first started listening to Jazz. I agree it was Jazz that was less intimidating & more palatable. Once I understood that, I started to listen to other more traditional Jazz artist but it was guys like Earl & Larry Carlton that were the doorways through which I was exposed to a broader world of music. I try to continue to be open to “different” styles (sometimes I go kicking and screaming). Its like when I was a kid and my older brother Billy would tell me..”bro, there’s more artists out there than Journey & Styx…OPEN YOUR MIND and listen to Miles Davis” LOL

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