Reading List: Neither Wolf Nor Dog

Do you have any books that you re read often? Maybe it’s a seasonal read. Like my friend Paul says, “these books are my friends, why wouldn’t I want to visit them often”. There is a book by Kent Nerburn called “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”, that reconnects me to a very grounded thought process; a connection to the things in life that really matter. It’s a beautiful view into a way of living in this world in a way that our culture doesn’t really embrace or teach. I think our children are missing out on these lessons and views.

So at least annually I travel the back roads of Indian Land with Nerburn, Dan and Grover. I listen in on their conversations, and the range of emotions swing high and dip low and close to home and heart. Reminders of how the late comers treated the Indigenous peoples of this land bring pain and embarrassment. The elder in this story, Dan, speaks very direct, but in the end he is looking into a person’s heart, all in hopes of helping his people navigate the rough terrain of living between two cultures. Dan speaks to the wannabe Indians, which make up a large portion of the readership of this book. Those of us with Indian blood, the ones that feel we truly feel a connection with that culture, are no matter whatever percentage of blood, are wannabes. Unless you were raised in that culture, fighting and struggling,  against the ever-present prejudices in our world, then it’s honestly hard to speak to it. All the rest of us with good hearts can really do is to draw attention to the continual problems.

Neither Wolf Nor Dog is a true gem and world chalk full of zirconium. It reminds us some things that are simply the truth. The connection to the land. You can call it your Mother or if you are more comfortable just knowing it is our provider then that’s fine. But as we spiral into a vortex of stuff, i phones, computers, Facebook, zip codes, vacation homes, and all of the other things that separate us or medicate us, we need to re remember some basic truths. Many truths are found in simpler things, like the land. It’s found in quiet moments with the ones we love, sitting with the garage door open as a thunderstorm moves across the sky or listening, really listening to someones heart.

Give this book a try, it may open your eyes to things that you didn’t know existed. There may be a unsettledness in your spirit that you can’t even identify, that some simple, clear words could help. Maybe that’s why I read and re read Kent Nerburn’s “Neither Wolf Nor Dog”. This book could become an old friend !


One thought on “Reading List: Neither Wolf Nor Dog

  1. Thanks, Glen. It is always a great comfort to know that my work and the voices it expresses can have a positive impact on someone’s life. That’s what we all hope to do; it is no different for a writer. Your kind words help me feel good about the efforts I make. I appreciate them greatly.

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